Mind + Spirit

Mind and spirit are two aspects of our beings that despite having been almost completely overlooked by western science and civilization until only very recently, are nonetheless absolutely essential for our existence. There is some inherent difficultly in teaching and communicating concepts and ideas relating to “mind” and “spirit” which arises from the fact that these facets of our existence our which are highly subjective in nature.

As such finding a common frame of reference to use when teaching, describing and sharing these feelings and experiences with others can be somewhat of a challenge because we are limited to spoken language as the means with which to convey these experiences, and because one adjective may mean two slightly (or vastly) different things to two different people, verbally communication here means that there will probably be some peripheral signal loss.

Just being aware of the subjective nature surrounding matters of the mind and spirit and the fact that we all perceive reality through our own unique lens, is an invaluable tool to guiding others to cultivate mental and spiritual awareness in their lives, and my approach involves first and foremost helping people recognize and learn to describe their own “inner world” through meditation, mindfulness and introspection. 

Though much of spirituality is abstract and esoteric in nature, my goal here is to again use practical exercises and examples to assist people in learning to “feel” and experience many of these spiritual concepts firsthand. Just as some people are gifted athletically and can learn to ride a bicycle in a day, spiritually aware individuals are often very in touch with their feelings and can develop their abilities quite quickly, but as anyone can learn to ride a bicycle (gifted or not) so the same is true with learning to become more focused and spiritually aware.