Helping You Become the Best Version of You

It helps to have a guide to provide actionable information, thoughtful feedback and intuitive insight to guide you on your journey.

My diverse background, extensive knowledge base and wide range of experience is at your disposal for mind, body and spirit holistic personal development consultations.



I feel that living the most authentic version of oneself is the only way to live. When we are able to discover and fully embrace who we each are as unique individuals, we unlock our enormous potential.

Because the mind, body and spirit are interconnected and profoundly influence one another, I believe a holistic approach combining all of these elements is essential.  Allow me to assist you in discovering your true and authentic YOU

Counseling Areas

The Vision

How it works

I begin each new client relationship by having you complete a comprehensive questionnaire which I use to conduct an extensive initial interview that allows me to gain a clear picture of your background, current lifestyle and future aspirations.

 Next I take you through my observations, and provide detailed feedback while we chart a course forward together and before concluding our session, I provide you with a set of exercises and tools to use in daily life, tailored specifically to your needs.

These are designed to custom-fit each client uniquely, but may include but for example a variety of exercises including a daily stretching routine, mobility work at a local park, a 3-minute cold shower in the morning and intermittent fasting.

After our initial session, I follow up with you weekly via email or video conferencing to talk with you about your progress and discuss any questions you may have.


Counseling Venue

Because the “body” component of my approach involves elements such as flexibility and movement, and because working you in person provides me with the opportunity to gain a greater degree of insight into the portrait of “you”, I recommend that our initial session be done in person. I have a studio at my home in Tokyo I use for sessions, or we can arrange to meet at another venue (your home, rental studio/salon etc.)

If you prefer to meet via video conferencing (skype, zoom) I am happy to set this up as well.

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