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About me

Dr. Nate

Born in the US, I moved to Japan after finishing a degree in economics. After learning Japanese I was accepted to medical school in Japan and trained as a plastic surgeon after graduation. I currently work as a freelance plastic surgeon in the greater Kanto area, and see private clients for lifestyle counseling as well.

Incredibly active with an unquenchable curiosity to learn since childhood, I have taken part in numerous sports and practices including gymnastics, ballet, yoga and bodybuilding. I have a deep spiritual awareness that was also present since childhood which provides me with unique insights.

I love Indian cuisine (especially south Indian), travel, cats and afternoon naps.



As an allopathic physician trained in plastic surgery, I combine my knowledge and experience of traditional medicine with holistic mind-body-spirit modalities as well as personal insight to assist clients in becoming the most authentic versions of themselves. 

I draw upon nutrition, gymnastics, yoga, ballet, martial arts, flexibility training, bodybuilding and more in my practice to provide clients with the benefits of multiple approaches.

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